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In March 2014 I was offered the opportunity to exhibit my work in the window display of Bookartbookshop, an independent artists’ book shop in Shoreditch, East London. I created Furry Tales, a two-metres-long paper light box with nine different cut out scenes from fairy tales and children stories. When the shutter was down at night, […]

Furry Tales, work in progress

Thanks to a music cassette from the early ’80s, I can still recall the first memories of the fairy tales my parents used to tell me on my bedtime: during one of those magical evenings, my dad decided in fact to record his voice performing a gruesome Little Red Riding Hood and my mum’s version […]


  I have already mentioned how fond I was of the space that hosted my exhibition last March. The closing night could only confirm my feeling about it.  While the building was filled with a selection of rock’n’roll and psychedelic music chosen for my guests by the Vicar himself,  the welcome table became a tiny workshop, where visitors could create their own […]

lindatoigo belfry paper dolls


Non-Sterile exhibition: image from Paper Dolls

 Setting up an exhibition in a grade I listed building is actually a big challenge, and I experienced it during the long days and nights before the big opening night on the 6th of March. The original building could not be altered in any of its elements, not even a nail, so we had to […]

Linda Toigo, Paper Dolls, 2014

In November 2012 I had the chance to pass by St. John on Bethnal Green church where the Portuguese artist Pedro Pires  was showing his work in Darkness, an exhibition “about the relationships between light and darkness, mechanisms, cameras and lenses”. Intrigued by Pires’ use of darkness as a pure and poetic opportunity to celebrate light, and […]

Linda Toigo, Glam, Vanity Fear series, 2014 (detail)

The practice of book destruction is raising more and more the ethical question whether it is morally right to tear apart an object with such a cultural and historical value. What happens instead to the perception of book alteration when the same exercise is applied to a volume whose material quality is less relevant than the functional value? […]


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