Monthly Archives: August 2011

War, explained to Alan Sutton

This is a video about Brian Dettmer, an american artist that works with books and the suggestions related to such a powerful object. He carefully carves page after page creating a continue dialogue between the content , the phisical gesture and his aesthetical research. Another artist that works with the same kind of imaginary, exploring […]

destruction as beauty

Since I have been involved in the Al-Mutanabbi Project last january, I have focused my attention on the beauty of destruction in book art. I started altering discarded books adopted from charity shops or withdrawn from libraries and I realized how powerful was the action itself and how aesthetically strong could the result be. Of […]

Al-Mutanabbi street

  On March 5, 2007, a car bomb was used to destroy the book market in Al Mutanabbi Street, the heart and soul of the Baghdad literary and intellectual community. The Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition sent out a call to letterpress printers to contribute a personal response to the attack – to produce broadsides which would […]

this is where we live

A stop motion film designed by Sue Blackwell and animated by Thomas Allen. This is definitely a field worth exploring: a digital media used to communicate the poetic imaginery of books and paper.