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Cutting paper in Taiwan: my two months as a residence artist in Soulangh Artist Village

If you have ever thought of joining an Artist in Residence programme, now is the best time to apply for one of the best available: Soulangh Artist Village and Tsung-Yeh Artist Village have just launched their call for artists and there is time until the 27th January to send your proposal. I have recently came back from two […]

Paper Dolls flirting with their shadows

In November 2012 I had the chance to pass by St. John on Bethnal Green church where the Portuguese artist Pedro Pires  was showing his work in Darkness, an exhibition “about the relationships between light and darkness, mechanisms, cameras and lenses”. Intrigued by Pires’ use of darkness as a pure and poetic opportunity to celebrate light, and […]

Vanity Fear

The practice of book destruction is raising more and more the ethical question whether it is morally right to tear apart an object with such a cultural and historical value. What happens instead to the perception of book alteration when the same exercise is applied to a volume whose material quality is less relevant than the functional value? […]

“Destroy, and you create”: an Auto-Destructive History lesson for Jack Hroswith

Here you  have my latest work, a History school book once belonging to a pupil named Jack Hroswith, that I altered using matches, a glass surface, and the pressure of my fingers – Fire being at the same time an element of destruction and creation. In an iconic scene from Truffaut’s adaptation of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit […]

fairy tales and anatomy

Last weekend I took part in a paper art workshop held at the Center for Book Art, NYC, by English paper artist Su Blackwell; her work, mostly inspired by fairy tales and folklore, old images and natural elements, visualizes a fascinating and suspended world. Sweet and light atmospheres are superbly mixed with the deep and […]

the great french films

  This is the result of my new project of book alteration: I transformed a found book about the history of French cinema into a three-dimensional scene where characters and actors from different decades seem to gather for an impossible conversation. All the irrelevant images and text have been cut out from every page and […]

moby-dick: a pop-up book

Sam Ita is a great american illustrator and paper engineer that I met at the NY Book Fair. His works are full of wonder, irony and fun and they are skillfully designed to create an involving reading moment. His first book is Moby Dick, published in 2007 by Sterling, NY