Monthly Archives: June 2011

Come fly with me

My books are ready for the trip to Artsmart. I will display my body of work for the first time during the Art Fair that will take place at Chelsea College, London, on the 1st and 2nd of July. Every object on that stall will hold a piece of my personality as a creative individual; […]

Annar and the Moose: baby steps for a children’s book

Annar and the Moose is a project that started almost one year ago as an occasion for a collaboration with Sebastiano Longaretti (, an italian artist I shared the studies with at the faculty of Architecture in Milano ages ago. He had a story and some drawings in mind and I wanted to be engaged […]

behind the scenes

Good morning everybody and welcome to my brand new blog. Here I intend to share the behind the scenes of my creative process, the illuminations, the mistakes, the diversions and the joyful achievents. Everything that you will not find on my official website: I am willing to be as honest as I can be […]