destruction as beauty

Since I have been involved in the Al-Mutanabbi Project last january, I have focused my attention on the beauty of destruction in book art. I started altering discarded books adopted from charity shops or withdrawn from libraries and I realized how powerful was the action itself and how aesthetically strong could the result be.

from my work The Corrupter (2011), leftovers

Of course, I am not the only to find all this very exciting.

I went to an inspiring lecture from Kate Flint from Rutgers University (NJ, USA) in Birkbeck University some months ago: she talked about the beauty of found books “that are lovingly vandalized back into life”. Here is a selection of the artists she mentioned (click on the images for more info):

Lucille Moroni, folded missal


Ariana Boussard-Reifel, Between the Lines


Georgia Russell, The Story of Art

Cara Barer, Bundle



















Vito Drago, What I Wanted to Tell You


Lisa Kokin, Pat the Money

Jacqueline Rush Lee, Lorem Ipsum II

Mikey Stilkey, installation at Rice Gallery in Houston

Carole Kunstadt, Sacred Poems

Ros Rixon, Artists at Work


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