Papercut Lab


London has hidden gems and the Wellcome Collection is one of such. It is not that hidden actually, as it stands right in front of Euston Station and welcomes hundreds of visitors every day, but it is definitely not one of the mainstream cultural institutions tourists would queue for.

I love going there. It is part of a Trust established in 1936 by Sir Henry Wellcome that funds research into human and animal health. The Wellcome Collection is just next to the Trust and offers a different approach to science: it explores the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future, through exhibitions, talks, events and the access to a rich library, on site and online.

It is easy to imagine how happy I was when my proposal for a papercut workshop was accepted as part of Open Platform, a series of self initiated events hosted in the beautiful setting of the newly refurbished Reading Room, a hybrid of gallery, library and events space.


I was given a table, materials, visual resources and two hours to share my ideas and techniques with the visitors of the Collection. My concept was quite simple: I asked the participants to choose an image from the works exhibited in the space or published in the books and to break them up into different levels and elements.


IMG_3506.jpgEach element was then simplified into shapes, traced on transparent paper and finally cut out of either coloured paper or images from fashion magazines (I liked the idea of connecting anatomical shapes with overexposed bodies).

The response was very diverse and highly inspiring: during the workshop I found out that most of the participants were either students or professionals in some field of Science and I found it even more interesting to observe how their informed mind would approach this creative task.

Here are some images of the works with they reference images:

The open call for proposal for Open Platform is still on: it is a great opportunity that I would highly recommend!

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