Everychildismychild: motherhood, papercutting and Iceland


copertina ECIMC DEF

I am very proud to be part of this beauty, published today by Salani Editore: 33 Italian celebrities have been asked to think back on their childhood and to write a story about memories and happiness. Each story has been assigned to an artist that had to create one full colour illustrator over the Summer.

The result is a gorgeous, colourful book, that has been created to fund the construction of a school for young refugees by the border with Syria.

When I was involved in this project, I was about to leave for a two months family adventure in Iceland. We were about to take our seven month young child with us on a road trip and to sleep in the nature in our small green tent.

Accepting this task sounded very challenging, but I wanted to be part of it with all my heart, and I was sure I would make things work.

I made it, and here is my illustration!

aereo libro

My illustration in the book and the original piece

Iceland is great and great are its libraries and swimming pools, that became temporary studio spaces during what I call my nomadic residency.

The story I was asked to illustrate was written by Italian actor Paolo Calabresi, and tells of how a father helps his child say goodbye to his beloved dog and how he creates a brand new happy memory to protect him. I loved reading it and I wanted to make something equally light and delicate.

The first step was to think of a rough structure through a series of quick sketches:

Once I was happy with the general composition, I made a full size drawing and proceeded with erasures and small adjustment until I was satisfied and ready to cut the lines traced on one sheet of white paper.


aeroplano cicciottello.jpg

Alessio attacking my work (he is fast).

aereo ombre

The papercut and its shadow.

The papercut had then to be lit up by a colourful background, that I created using layers of card glued together.


The papercut and the background, assembled together.

The final step was to photograph the piece. I used thick cardboard to create thickness and incorporate some shadows in my final design.


The assistant to Mattia the photographer


Small pieces of cardboard are hidden behind the paper to create the right amount of depth and shadows.

More information on the book and on how to support #everychildismychild project can be found here: http://www.everychildismychild.it/

And if someone is curious about our Icelandic experience, here is what Alessio Vulcano saw: https://youtu.be/WKFiceyD0IY

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