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Furry Tales

Thanks to a music cassette from the early ’80s, I can still recall the first memories of the fairy tales my parents used to tell me on my bedtime: during one of those magical evenings, my dad decided in fact to record his voice performing a gruesome Little Red Riding Hood and my mum’s version […]

an animated book alteration: the age of fable

Is it possible to create some sort of connection between book art and the digital media? I have been asking myself and sharing my thoughts about this issue for some time now. I have then decided to indulge in some experimentation, and here is the result of one of them: a combination of book alteration […]

heads bodies legs: the making of a theatre show from the visual designer’s point of view

For the past months I have been working on the design of illustrations, animation and book art for a new theatre production that has been performed at The Space, in East London, for the first two weeks of August. Some pictures of rehearsal sessions, general information and news can be found on our blog, here. […]

fish and tunnel books

Last Thursday I had the privilege to teach at the London branch of an International project based on the exchange of knowledge, called Trade School. “Trade School is an alternative learning space that runs on barter. Anyone can teach a class, and students can sign up for classes by agreeing to bring barter items that […]

a pixel is a pixel is a pixel

Directly from New York City, I finally start reporting what I have been observing for the past month. At the Hungarian Cultural Center of NY till the 14th of october there is a joint exhibition of two hungarian illustrators: The clear line and nostalgic hint of the fine and world famous works of Isvan Banyai […]

Annar and the Moose: baby steps for a children’s book

Annar and the Moose is a project that started almost one year ago as an occasion for a collaboration with Sebastiano Longaretti (, an italian artist I shared the studies with at the faculty of Architecture in Milano ages ago. He had a story and some drawings in mind and I wanted to be engaged […]