Sharing skills is fun: book art workshop


Here are some images from the first part of my book alteration workshop, held few days ago at the Westminster Reference Library. Lonely Planet offered a full box of old editions from their archive and that was the starting point of the workshop.

I just added some blades, cutting mats and encouragement: the rest came very easily.



After a brief presentation of current trends in book art, I asked the participants to chose one book and to let the content inform their choices; it was very interesting to observe how the different aesthetics of each individual led to a complex variety of outcomes.

The works will be finished at home and brought back next week for the second part of the workshop, where I will show how to add external elements to the books using wire and card.


IMG_8251 IMG_8252 IMG_8253 IMG_8254 IMG_8255  IMG_8268IMG_8276IMG_8257  IMG_8269  IMG_8278 IMG_8256


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