The work in progress of Guides to Elsewhere: 7/Maelström

maelstrom work 11

For this work, representing the immense powerful vortex described in Edgar Allan Poe’s A descent into the Maelström, I wanted to use a traditional printing technique instead of the digital approach used for previous books.

I carved the image of a whirlpool into a piece of linoleum and I repeated the same print on each of the 50 pages removed from the book. The lino print had to be placed on the same position for every page to simulate the continuity of the illustration through the volume of the book.

maelstrom work 1

maelstrom work 2

maelstrom work 5

The cuts, repeated regularly from page to page, were made using a printed template that I kept rotating in the same direction of the drawn vortex.

maelstrom work 6

The illustration and the cuts, combined, simulate the falling movement created by a swirling body of water.

maelstrom work 8


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