The work in progress of Guides to Elsewhere: 5/Labyrinth

labirinth work 7

When King Minos of Crete decided to build a prison to hold the Minotaur in Knossos, he called Daedalus: the skilled inventor created a Labyrinth so intricate, he had to build himself a pair of wings in order to escape it.

To be consisted with the classical depictions on coins and pottery,even though both logic and literary descriptions make it clear that the Minotaur was trapped in a complex branching maze, I decided to carved a unicursal labyrinth – with only a single path to the centre.

labirinth work 3

This simpler shape was not less complicated to carve, though: I had to follow the same path over and over again into the depth of the pages, and the final layers required the use of tweezers to remove the unwanted material.

labirinth work 6

This operation resulted in a fantastic nest of chaos juxtaposed to the rational structure of the book:

labirinth work 12

The final step consisted in designing and shaping Daedalus’ wings, made of the same fine strips of paper extracted from the book, and mounted on a mirror card:

labyrinth wings


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