The work in progress of Guides to Elsewhere: 3/Erewhon

erewhon work 6

Erewhon is a 19th Century novel by Samuel Butler; it name is also the name of a fictional country where the novel takes place. The title is meant to be read as “nowhere” backwards even though the letters “h” and “w” are inverted.

The book is a satire of Victorian society and describes the peculiarities of the Country: one feature of Erewhon is  the absence of machines; this is due to the widely shared perception by the Erewhonians that they are potentially dangerous as they might develop consciousness.

I started my book by creating a sink hole, using a template to create a series of regular concentric cuts:

erehwon work 1

The cut circles have been stuck together to create enough surface to host the inkjet printed reproduction of some vintage engravings of machineries, found on

erehwon work 5

Reinforced with wire and backed with coloured card, the machines are ready to be fixed around the hole:

erehwon work 10

Punching holes on a Lonely Planet is a painful and long process: I should probably try to use a drill next time:

erehwon work11


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