In March 2014 I was offered the opportunity to exhibit my work in the window display of Bookartbookshop, an independent artists’ book shop in Shoreditch, East London.
I created Furry Tales, a two-metres-long paper light box with nine different cut out scenes from fairy tales and children stories.

When the shutter was down at night, my magical world, with its characters and enchanting landscape, kept observing the buzzing east London nightlife; with its constant pulsing light, it competed with the colourful signs of the corner shops and with the fast pace of the car lights.

This glowing ephemeral universe was created for wanderers, dreamers and slow passer-byes.

Thank you to Mattia Reiniger for filming and editing this video.


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  1. Lucy Bamwo · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Lucy Bamwo and commented:
    I’ve been taking a keen interest in paper craft and considering projection mapping and paper crafting together, much like how the McGuires have done in Precious Moments. This is a beautiful display that brings a window alive at night. I can imagine in my mind how to extend this by adding projections that move or adding stars that twinkle in the sky above.

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