a pixel is a pixel is a pixel

Directly from New York City, I finally start reporting what I have been observing for the past month.

At the Hungarian Cultural Center of NY till the 14th of october there is a joint exhibition of two hungarian illustrators:

The clear line and nostalgic hint of the fine and world famous works of Isvan Banyai somehow at a first sight reminded me of some italian comics from the beginning of 20th Century that used to be published on a weekly magazine called Corriere dei Piccoli.

Cover of the first issue of Corriere dei Piccoli

But the use of extreme perspective and the uncomfortable points of view reveal an iceberg of struggled observations mixed with dark irony and dry detachment.

He defines is work  “an organic combination of turn-of-the-century Viennese retro, interjected with American pop, some European absurdity added for flavor, served on a cartoon-style color palette… no social realism added.”

Stupid me

The second illustrator exhibited is Tibor Karpati, a young graphic artist that creates clever interpretations of iconic images and fairy tales through the use of an extremely reduced pixel art clearly inspired by early videogames:

Karpati creates his own language that requires a high level of concentration and logic as no pixel is superfluous: once codified it drags the audience into a extremely enjoyful and inspiring reading experience.


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  1. Thank you Linda for paying attention to this exhibit! ist-one…

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